Anyone who wants to have an above-average life must master the skills of a leader, whether it’s for your business, career, family or passion – today ill share with you 3 skills that any leader must master.

For me, in order for someone to be considered a true leader, he must pass the following 6 tests:

  1. People should follow him
  2. People should be happy following him
  3. People should be happy following him for an extended period of time
  4. His leadership improves our lives.
  5. His leadership improves the lives of the people following us
  6. His leadership improves the lives of others

So let’s explore the 3 skills that will allow you to achieve just that!

Skill number 1 is Having Certainty!

Having certainty is the best way to make other people feel confident and trust you.

Basically our deepest psychological need is the need to feel safe, and people with a lot of certainty makes us feel safe.

People are afraid of the unknown, and fear is the number 1 reason people are stuck in their lives,  so helping people get unstuck and move forward is like a leadership superpower.

Side note: this skill will make sure people will follow you in the short term, but in order to make sure you are a good leader, there are 2 more skills you should master.

Skill number 2 is Responsibility

Taking responsibility about everything is a skill, the more you take responsibility over things the more things you feel you can take responsibility over.

And I do want to make a clear distinction here, there is a big difference between taking responsibility over something and beating yourself up.

The former is powerful and the latter is pure stupid.

Taking responsibility is saying i could have made sure there was a different outcome, and next time I may choose to act differently and generate a new outcome.

Beating yourself is asking
“Why the hell did I do that?!”

Leave the drama

Drop the why question

Move on

Skill number 3 is Contribution.

Why is contribution a skill? You can try to give someone and do something for someone you never did before – but its hard.

If you practice it, it gets easier, I think its the definition of a skill.

Contribution is all about putting others in the front without putting yourself in the back!

It’s all about giving without giving up on what’s important for you.

It’s all about giving without pleasing.