What is BEYOND Better?

The idea behind BEYOND Better is to promote a highly ambitious lifestyle. while in the same time totally destroying the stress and frustration often associated with big goals and dreams.

The idea is that most ambitious people constantly chase the next step, always striving to be or do Better. The problem is that the goal of being Better can never be achieved – there is always the next step.

The Members of our Community are very ambitious, but also talented and intelligent individuals that deserve to be Happy. Being Better is getting Better Results, Being BEYOND Better is constantly getting better Results while enjoying the process and having relatively stress-free and totally Happy life.

Who are you?

My name is Gal Tzhayek, and over the last 10 years I’ve been studying everything I could about personal development. I’ve invested over 100,000$ worth of courses, seminars and workshops which over the years turned out to be my best investment.

Both in the area of the results I wanted to achieve, Like starting 2 multi-million Dollar companies, selling and investing in several more.

But also, in living a purposeful life, this is also the reason I started BEYOND Better – to help more people get the amazing life they deserve the way they want it, just like I did for myself and for hundreds of the people I’ve worked with.

Today, I live happily with my Family, trying my best to do good for people.