A few days ago i uploaded a video about the process of creating an amazing morning routines, truly a step by step guide on how to create your dream morning routine and the link to that video is right here!

However, if you are not sure regarding to what you want to add to your morning routine or maybe you already created an amazing morning routine and you want to make it BEYOND BETTER by maybe throwing in a couple of new great habits – this article is especially for you!


#1 HABIT: Drinking Water

The first thing i feel is a must have in a morning routine for anyone who is human is drinking water! The amounts may vary depending on your beliefs but one thing is obvious after several hours of sleeping without drinking your body is dehydrated and needs water!

I personally have nothing against coffee and have coffee as a part of my morning routine as well, but coffee is not a replacement for water, especially not in the morning.


#2 HABIT: Working Out

The second thing you should consider adding to your morning routine if you are not already doing it is working out, you do not have to spend 2 hours at the gym but walking around the block, doing some yoga or whatever kind of sport you like – is an amazing part of a morning routine.

For me when I work out before I get to work I am better at work, when i work out in the morning my evenings at home with my family are more energetic, relaxed and fun!


#3 HABIT: Fun & Gratitude

The third thing to add to your morning routine is time for wonder, fun, or gratitude. Whether it is meditation, writing down, doing an activity outside, listening to music or anything else that helps you notice the beauty in the world – is a great start for the day!


#4 HABIT: Work on Long Term Goals

The fourth thing I think you should add to your morning routine is something that when I have it in my morning routine makes me feel amazing and in times when my morning routine does not include it i often have less satisfying days.

The fourth thing is time to do the one most long term important thing for you! In different times it can be different things that are most important for you – but when our days start most of us are drawn to short term goals and often feel like we are missing what is most important or managing a long “one day” list of things that are important for us but we will do one day…

Do it in the morning – i promise you, you will feel great!


#5 HABIT: Work on Long Term Goals

The fifth and last thing i believe you should consider adding to your morning routine is learning something new! For me, I listen to videos and e-courses while I am in the gym and while I’m driving.

Right now some of you might be asking, but didn’t you forget to add breakfast? Isn’t breakfast an important part of a morning routine?

To that my answer is that it might be depends on what you believe, for me, in times i do not lift weights in the morning i follow intermittent fasting so i do not eat before 10, and even then it is usually just an apple and my shake – and it makes me feel great.

In time I heavily incorporate weight lifting as a part of my workout plan, I feel like I need the extra calories and so I do eat breakfast – usually oatmeal with walnuts and chia seeds, and my son likes it too!

So a breakfast can be an amazing part of a morning routine and I had it for a long while, but I discovered that also not eating can be an amazing part of a morning routine!


If you have other things you do in your morning routines – I’d like to read about them in the comments below!