When you decided to become a
coach or a therapist
you chose to
help people
in a profound way while they face the most difficult times of their lives.

No one told you that you will have to be a salesperson

And the truth is that despite what marketers want you to think you absulotly do not have to.

If you are like most therapists and coaches, you do not like marketing, you do not like to chase people and try to convince them they should use your help or manipulate them to give you money.

probably you do not feel comfortable posting endless instagram stories
and you do not understand the complexity of facebook’s ad system.

and even if you did the personal work, changing your quote on quote “limiting beliefs”, still, this is not your passion and doing this is still way less fulfilling than doing your actual work sitting for a session, helping people.

The only limiting belief is that you need to be a marketing genius in order to have a full private practice with a wating list of people wanting to work with you

What is this program all about?

How does it work?


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