Today, we are going over three signs, you are going to be extremely successful in business. Let’s go.

Fear of taking a risk

One of the most major factors that makes most people afraid to start their own business is the risk factor. What do I mean by that? I mean that most people are afraid to leave their jobs to start a new business because they’re not sure,

“Am I going to be successful in business? Or am I going to be a part of this statistic that says that most business owners actually fail, lose money, get into that? And most of the time will actually earn less money than they would in the same job if they would simply work for another company.”

Because let’s face it, if you could know for sure that you are, not for sure, like in a 99% or 90% chance that you are going to be successful in business, then it might be a very good idea to start your own business. If you know that your statistical chance to actually succeed in business is very low, maybe you should first work on yourself, work on those chances to increase them before you make the big move of starting your own business. 

So today, I’m going over three signs that are going to determine if you are going to be successful in business and I’ve seen it all over the place in hundreds and hundreds of business owners I have worked with over the years. 

A positive, competitive mindset

So sign number one is very simple: having a positive, competitive mentality. In business, if you want to be incredibly successful, you have to be competitive. You have to look at your competitors or look at other business owners and tell yourselves,

“Oh my God, they are amazing. I’m not doing as well.” But also if you have this negative competitive mindset that’s like, “Oh, they’re doing so good. They must be cheating. They must be lying. I hate them, I must ruin their business in order for me to succeed.”

Then you’re not going to be successful in business. You should probably quit and get a job and you’ll probably be actually very bad in your job as well. Because it’s a terrible mentality. But if you have a positive mentality saying something like,

“Wow, this competitor does this specific thing in such an amazing way. What if I can find a way to do it even better than him? And this competitor does this something else in an amazing way. He’s an amazing marketer. How can I out market him? This competition creates such an amazing product? How can I create an even more amazing product, a better product.” 

A competitive mindset, it’s always striving to be better than anyone else. Getting inspiration from other people, looking at them and deciding how I am going to be better than them in whatever they are doing best, if you have this mentality and you don’t have to actually put that in their face, you don’t have to tell them, I’m going to be better than you. That’s actually very immature and childish. If you’re having this  conversation with yourself, telling yourself looking at those people,

“I want to be better than him at that, and I want to be better than you at that”,

you’re going to find yourself extremely motivated,. and always have better quality of marketing, sales processes, hiring, product, whatever. And this is a very huge sign that you are going to be incredibly successful in business and you deserve it.

Always striving to learn new things

Sign number two that you’re going to be incredibly successful in business is that you are having a student mentality, that you’re always striving to learn more about business, about your product, about your area of business, about the sales, about marketing, about everything there is to learn about business. If you think to yourself that you know everything, maybe you’re an executive or CEO or CFO or CEO or whatever in a company as an employee and you’re selling yourself,

“Well I know everything. I was already in a management position in this business”,

then you might be missing out on a lot of things that someone, even if you just started out, you just know the first few steps of opening a brand new business. Because opening a brand new business and being a manager in a well organized business is an extremely different skill set. It requires a slightly different skill set and also extremely different actions. So maybe you have to learn new things. 

If you got your business from point A just from scratch to making, I don’t know, five figures a year, then you already made something amazing. But maybe you should learn new things in order to get it to six figures. If you already got it to six figures, maybe you have to learn new things to get it to seven figures. Even if you got it to seven figures and you have a seven or even eight figure business, so many times, you’ll have to find a new teacher to learn new things in order to grow it to eight or nine figure businesses.

So if you are ready to have a constant student mentality (to always keep on studying, keep on learning, keep on finding out new things), your chances of succeeding in business are so much higher. If you have both the first sign and the second sign, your chances are actually going even higher.

Your mind is always working

The third sign that you have the potential of becoming an incredibly successful business person or business owner is that your mind never stops working. If you find yourself on like five o’clock, four o’clock, three o’clock, six o’clock dropping the pen going home and never thinking about your business again, then you probably should quit the idea of having your own business. And you should probably go back to become an employee and get a constant paycheck. Because this is what might be the best financial decision in your life. But if while you’re taking a shower, if while you’re taking your dogs for a walk, if you’re always thinking,

“How can I improve this? How can I give more value to my company? How can I give more value to my employees? How can I give more value to my clients? How can I serve more people? How can I serve my employees? How can I serve my customers? How can I serve my suppliers? How can I serve, serve, serve, serve, serve and how can I serve better?”

You have this a bit of an obsessive mindset about improving your business then your chances are actually through the roof. 

Most business owners I’ve ever met that became a huge business success had all three signs to them. If you have all three signs, you should probably start a business, you’re going to love it, you’re going to be incredibly successful. Even if the road won’t be the easiest. It will be hard. It will require some hard work. It will require some effort. But you can definitely do it. You can definitely pull it off. You are a successful business owner material, go for it.

If you lack at least one of those signs. Maybe you should work on it before you start your business. Or maybe when you’re starting your business, you should start by working incredibly hard on this specific sign to improve upon it. And I’ll see you in the next video. 

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