If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, if you’re working for someone, you still have a job, you’re an employee, you’re working for a company, but you want to become a business owner. Today we’re going to discuss the huge opportunity you’ve got right now, thanks to the Coronavirus. Let’s go. 

Covid is an opportunity

All the news around the world is discussing the financial problems caused by the Coronavirus. And it is indeed the case. So many businesses are struggling. So many people are struggling. People are being laid off or being fired. So many people are being sent home unpaid or to work from home with all the difficulties attached. People don’t know what to do with themselves. They’re rushing through the supermarket and all sorts of crazy is happening around the world. 

But still, in my opinion, today, there’s a huge opportunity, especially for people who are still employees, are still working for a company, are still working for people, but are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. They want to become business owners. They want to make the shift in their lives. And obviously, there’s also a lot of business opportunities for business owners, for entrepreneurs. But we’re going to discuss these opportunities, maybe, in a different video. There’s so many videos about this topic. But for you today, I want to give you the business opportunity you’ve got as an employee as someone who’s still working for a company and how you can use it to build your business, to build your future. Thanks to the Coronavirus. So let’s go. 

So, today what’s going on? What’s happening? Most people in most countries around the world are being asked to isolate themselves – social isolation. What does this mean? It means you need to work from home, if you’re lucky. If you’re even less lucky, maybe you’ve got fired [or] you’ve got laid off. Maybe they’re saying, “You are on a vacation and unpaid vacation.” So that they’ll hire you back when everything will be back to normal. And things will get back to normal. But now you have an opportunity to actually build something, to create something, to do something. 

Well, the first little thing I want to say is that now if you’re in huge financial trouble, it’s a good time to make a decision. It’s a good time to make a decision that in the future you’re going to have financial reserves. You’re going to save money for times of trouble because maybe this trouble, maybe this pandemic was not something anyone could foresee. But still problems and breakdowns are things that you can foresee because they’re always happening. So you have to be ready. 

Build foundations for your business

But the main opportunity I want to present to you today is the opportunity to build foundations. If you are an employee, if you have a job, one of the hardest things to do regarding starting your first business is working those late night hours, working those weekends all the time with seeing little to no results. And in fact, for most people, this is what actually is going to happen. Because you have to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of energy to create those foundations for your business before you can see profit, before you can see income, before you can see massive, massive, massive, massive business development. 

And if you’re still on the job working nine to five or whatever hours you’re working, 40, 60, 80 hours a week, 30 hours a week, then the pace in which you can develop your business is a specific, is a certain pace. But if you were just laid off, if you got an unpaid or even a paid vacation, then today, you can work your entire work week as you socially isolate yourself to build everything for your business: from a business plan to a marketing plan, all the marketing foundations, the sales pitches, the products, designing the ideas, designing the business model, designing the product. 

And there’s many videos about this and other subjects on this channel (on my channel), on other amazing channels all over YouTube. But you can spend the time learning, studying, preparing, building everything, not just learning [but] also putting things on paper, building your business.

So when the Coronavirus disappears, so when everything goes back to normal… And it will go back to normal. It might take weeks or months I don’t know. But everything will go back to normal. If the market crashes, it will correct itself eventually. We’ve seen it over and over in history. … you’ll be able to simply press play. And even if you will decide to go back to your job, to go back to your company, you’ll be able to spend the nights and the weekends doing things that will actually produce income, it will actually produce profits because you already have the foundations in place. 

Build your business along with part time job

If you have the foundations in place, and you’ll be able to do it in the night and on the weekends, you’ll feel so much better and you’ll be so much more inclined to actually advance your business. So one of the biggest problems is starting the foundations and now it’s a great time to do it.

In a video I published a few months ago, named starting your very first business how to start your very first business, I’m talking about the mistakes so many people are making that they believe that in order to start their business (their first business) they have to quit their jobs. And from what I’m saying, it makes sense. If you want to expand [and] develop your business so much faster, probably you should quit your job. But the problem is that it takes a lot of time. And in this time, after quitting the job when building the foundations, this is where so many beginner entrepreneurs and beginner business owners are failing, are crushing and are closing and are giving up on their dreams.

You should never give up on your dream. And you should probably do it. And this is why in that video, I suggest to actually start building your business while still having a job or a part time job. Then, now it’s an amazing time. 

If you want to watch this video, the link will be up here and down here. If you want to take this opportunity, right now, it’s an amazing time to build those foundations and to create yourself and to build yourself to be ready, to be prepared. So when that everything goes back, you’ll be able to press play and go all in with your business. And it might take some time. But I trust you, I believe in you. I believe that your business idea can become reality. And you can definitely have control over your financial future. 

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