Covid has thrown so many of us off our comfort zone. So many small businesses were closed so many people were laid off and one need that was always here suddenly went to the top of many peoples priorities – self sufficiency.

The ability to produce for myself and my family or the people I care the most about.

Although if this is your only motivation, starting a business might not be the best idea – for many people starting their own business is a lifetime dream that this time could simply push them over the edge for pursuing it which might be a sad circumstance but a great opportunity!

In this video we will consider generally good business ideas especially if it’s your first business or after your previous business failed and you want to start from scratch – right now after covid – and there are great options for that.

But, if your business is thriving right now and you are simply looking for new business opportunities to grow into new industries or markets although you might still enjoy this video – i’ve got a video just for you about -> business acquisition ideas during covid-19

So let’s get into business :)

Let’s go for the list, with no particular order.

Business idea number 1 to create a business that provides services to other small and medium businesses – look, one thing that many business owners fear in general and particularly now is hiring people.

People have the fear that they will not be able to provide the job for that person for long or that it wont be worth it and they will have to go through the (or many people) terrifying process of firing them.

Also, many small and medium size businesses would need a person to do a specific role, but their business isn’t big enough to require someone full time.

The basic idea is – you give them flexibility – they give you money.

You can start by using the skills you personally posses and market them as a service, and when you get enough volume you might want to hire more people.

Marketing agencies, sells call centers, and remote accounting are all examples but there are many more options. like personal assistant, front desk, or costumer service – replacement.

The second is something that covid made go through the roof and that’s one on one personal online teaching, the past couple of months made almost every person learn how to hold video meetings and calls – and the ancient job of a personal teacher got so much more comfortable for it.

You might teach third grade math, college grade calculus, English, Japanese, how to use photoshop or google sheets or even things like chess or creative writing and anything else you might dream.

When you have enough clients you may choose to raise your hourly fee, hire more teachers or do both.

Idea number 3 is to start your own artistic freelance business, be it film making, writing, cooking or something completely different. Some of these industries cannot be properly run as a business during covid, but you can invest your time creating the brand and community around your new business – by blogging, posting, creating videos or podcasts.

Than in 6 months or two years when this is all done or when that type of business can be run efficiently again you have a lot of what it takes to grow quickly.

Another advantage of this idea is that you start “feeling” your target audience and dream business immediately and you might find new ideas in this direction that you could not have thought about if you wouldn’t put your focus and work in this direction.

Business idea number 4 is creating a single product brand, it involves finding a cool product people need – adding something (somtimes minor) to make it better, cheaper or otherwise more comfortable or accessible – and selling it and creating a brand around it.

And while this is always a great option to start a business this way – right now consumer habits are constantly changing and doing so rapidly so the one who will be quick, can win big.

I think about the first peron who started making face masks with cook printings on them in my city – he sold so much of them its crazy. Now there is huge competiting in this market but still he had a great head start.

Idea number 5 for a business you can start right now during covid is an outsourced HR agency, so many people are looking for jobs and businesses who are hiring are usually hiring like crazy right now and have tons of work.

If you can help them find the right candidates and filter through all those CV’s they will usually gladly pay you for doing so. A common model is getting 1 to 3 months of the employee’s salary for each person you helped hiring – depending on how difficult it is to find somone for the specific job.

This is always a good business model if you have the eye for people and maybe some knowledge in psychology and social sciences. But right now there is an even stronger opportunity in this field.

A good place to start can be fiding people for jobs in the industry you already worked in, so that its easier for the business to trust that you understand their needs for different positions.

Business idea number 6 is competing with amazon well, maybe you dont have to beat jeff bazos today, but starting an e-commerce store for a specific niche is a great idea. You need to understand the niche, understand the target audience and their consuming habits and be a decent marketer but while people love buying everything from amazon, so many people buy spesific niche goods in specific niche e-commerece website.

Business idea 7 is extra simple but requires a special talent and thats a local home made food deliveries – if you have the magic touch with a few dishes – you can sell your delicious home made food to other people around you.

Today there on most places over the world there are online communities uniting people in small geographic areas – that can be a great place to start advertising.

For the coaches and consultants – idea 8 is a no brainer you can coach people remotely, a fitness coach can do it, a life coach can do it, a diet coach and even an infants sleeping coach and obviousy a business coach.

Its not the perfect setting for everybody, but personally i have a life coach that is working with me remotely for something like 18 months now – and its amazing.

Another opportunity i can clearly see right now is idea number 9 right now there is a golden era, in my opinion for opening businesses that create mobile apps for businesses.

Just like in the past building a website was incredibly expensive and hard, than when technology improved to stuff like wordpress and wix it became easier but prices for a while were still pretty high before they dropped this is where i believe we are in the app development business.

There are already technologies that can help someone with low to no technological knowledge to create an app.

And with the idea that today many people prefer to download an app than looking for something on google – i believe if you are up for it – it might be a great idea!

To finish off this video, of course there are many other options and opportunities, if you feel like there are major ones i missed which is more likely than not – id be glad if you write them in the comments both for me and for anyone else who might be watching

Don’t be cheap with your knowledge or creativity – share it in the comments.