If you are reading in this website regularly and probably even if you just stumbled upon this video – you are a person who wants to achieve more!

Stress is just something all achievers must face and handle – or maybe shouldn’t it be?

Well, stress is a very interesting emotion.

In low levels it can help us move faster, and maybe feel more significant and important. Without even a low level of stress people tend to get bored and depressed.

BUT, if the levels are getting too high, it’s not just that it can totally paralyze you, research has shown that even the people who are best functioning in stressful mindsets – become less creative, not to mention less empathic and I’m not even starting with the health problems.

Now , the reason I’m calling it a stressful mindset instead of the regular term you probably have heard a “stressful situation” is because even though some situations are prone to be stressful – at the end of the day it’s always the meaning we give the situation that’s making us stressed.

The first understanding that is truthfully pretty hard to accept for most people, especially high achievers like yourself, is that stress is just an overbranded word for fear.

Think about it!

Whenever you are stressed is because you are afraid something bad might happen!

You might be saying “no I’m not! I simply have to do it! I’m not afraid! I’m stressed!”

Well, if you will think about it 3 more seconds you’ll get that you are actually fearing that you might not be able to do it on time or good enough – if you got to do it, and you 100% know you can do it – there is no stress.

The thing is that some times, some things actually might have really negative consequences – and they are so called “worth” the fear.

However, from working with hundreds of people i can clearly tell you that even if you are the most important person in the world – most of the things you are stressed about are:

Minor, unimportant at the long term or something you can let someone else do.

And if you will truly consider that youll know I’m right.

So the first really simple technique that you can use to reduce stress, again, this will not work 100% of the time, but, if you can in a few seconds reduce 40, 50 or even if it’s just 20 or maybe 80% of your stress – won’t it be worth it?

Whenever you catch yourself stressed out – ask yourself these questions:
1. Is it really important?
Many times your answer will strightout be NO! Then drop it!

Second question is: how will I see it in 10 years?
Many times this question will throw the source of your stress right off the window!

And the third question: can i let someone else deal with it?

Because you know – maybe you should. By the way, letting others help you, be it friends, family or paid assistance  is key to achieving great things and you know that! You can also go so far on your own.

So after we dealt with honestly most of the cases – the second technique will deal with the more important really big stuff.

And there are things that are important now, that might have a big impact on your life for years to come and that you cannot leverage to anyone else – honestly, there probably aren’t so many – but they are definitely enough to cause major levels of stress.

The cure here will take time to implement and I know no one who does it perfect – but you can reduce these things by 70-90% in the course of a few weeks or months.

And that’s identifying the main sources of stress – for example it might be money or cash flow issues, issues with one of your kids or your significant other, maybe something to do with your health.

And create a plan to proactively approach this issue and manage it when everything is fine so that there will be a lower chance of it reaching a crisis point!

Will we have failures – of course.

Will we have crisis points – absolutely.

But if some of them are inevitable maybe we should do whatever we can to make them as few as possible.

Stress doesn’t make us better people, it’s simply something we are used to doing to gain something – most of us don’t even get it anyway.

Drop the unimportant,

Plan for the important.