Everybody wants to be around positive people. Positive people are energetic. They’re fun to be around. They’re very, very attractive. And today, I’m going to share with you five ways you can make yourself more positive.

How can you be more positive?

Way number one is something I, myself have tried, I myself have worked on, and it made me so much more positive. It’s an exercise that I have taught so many people. And I can tell you that every single person who actually tried to follow through, have actually tried to do this exercise and have become a way more positive person. Also, it’s an exercise that will totally increase your self confidence and self esteem.

So what is this exercise?

Say positive things

This exercise is incredibly, incredibly simple. Every time you meet someone or every time someone mentions someone else you actually know, you are on a quest. You’re on a quest to find at least one thing that’s incredibly positive, that you can say about this specific person. Well, you have to be authentic. You have to be real. It’s not about kissing someone’s ass or making people like you, it’s about training your mind to actually find more positive things about people.

The other level of this exercise is do your best to never say anything negative about anyone. It might be harder for some of you. But this exercise is totally totally, totally worth it. So whenever you meet someone, try to give them an authentic compliment. Try to find something that you authentically believe is positive about them. And tell them that. And whenever someone mentions someone, you know, in your head try to find at least one thing that you can find that is incredibly positive about this specific person, and compliment them in front of the person who actually mentioned them. 

Be with positive people

Way number two is incredibly simple, incredibly powerful, but not always as easy. Well, most of the things I’m going to discuss forward in this video won’t necessarily be easy, but if you do them, they’ll have a huge impact on your life. And that thing number two is spending more time next to positive people.

Well, I’m not saying that if you’re around or your family is negative, then you have to get rid of them. All I’m saying is look in your surroundings, look in your environment, look in your workplace, look for your colleagues, look for offices next to your office, look for people who are incredibly, incredibly positive, and do everything you can to hang out, to get them, to spend more time with you. And you can spend more time with them. Of course, if they have like evil values, and if you don’t like them at all, you don’t have to, but try to find people that then don’t only match your values, that are not only as smart and maybe as challenging for you as you would want them to be, but also make sure you find people that are very, very positive, and put yourself in that environment. 

Always look for the bright side of things

The third thing you can definitely do that will make you more positive. So the way to train your mind to be more positive, is to look for the bright side of negative things that happened to you. Well, it’s not always as easy, but sometimes it takes some practice. But the old saying that there’s always a bright side. I’m not sure there’s always a bright side. But most of the time, there is a bright side to all sorts of negatives in your life.

So whenever you catch yourself complaining, whenever you catch yourself saying or seeing something in a negative light, I’m not saying you have to blind yourself for the negative, being a positive person doesn’t mean that you should be blind for your negative, that you shouldn’t believe that everything is perfect in the world. It definitely is not. That’s naive.

What I’m saying is, look for the bright side inside the negative things. Well, almost any negative thing will also have a positive inside of it. And it will help you to train your mind to see the complex reality of life. The complex reality of life is that in every negative, there’s a positive, and in every positive, there’s a negative. But if you’ll train yourself to see, to focus more on the positive, you’ll become happier, you’ll become more enthusiastic, you’ll become more attractive to other people, and it will be so much more fun to spend time with you. Also in business, being a positive person helps a ton to creating huge business success. 

Do things that make you happier

A fourth way of becoming more positive is very simply doing things that will make you more happy. As a general rule of thumb, happier people are more positive. I’m not saying that people who are not positive are cynical or stuff like that are necessarily unhappy. But I am saying that there’s more happy you become, the more positive you’ll become, generally speaking. And I have other videos detailing all sorts of techniques and all sorts of ways that you can become more happy. And there’s actually a pretty good science base to those videos. Thanks to the area of study in psychology called positive psychology, which actually, empirically studies the science of becoming happier. And that’s what I’m doing in those videos.

But right now, I’ll give you one very simple [and] it’s a very powerful tool, that is simply having hobbies. Well, at least one hobby. At least one very positive hobby. Something that you truly like. Something that truly makes you happy. Something that’s very important for you. And I’m generally always trying my best to have a hobby. I’m not saying that I’ve never missed it. But over the past two years, at least, I’m strictly following this idea. I’m going rock climbing, and I’m actually meeting with friends every two weeks or so to play some games. And that’s even though I’m a business owner, and even though I have my family and kids and everything.

I truly believe that when we are happier, it is not only an investment in our soul in our spirit, it’s also an investment in our business. Because as I said, when we’re more positive, we’re more we’re more energetic. When we are fueled people find it easier to follow us. It’s easier for us to make better business decisions. So develop your hobby, it’s not just an investment in yourself, it’s also an investment in your business. 

Take Responsibility

The last way might be the hardest of all, and that’s taking responsibility. And when I’m saying taking responsibility, I mean, own it, own your outcomes, own your results, take full ownership over your behavior and over the results you produce. And generally speaking, many people tend to confuse taking responsibility with blaming yourself. I’m not saying you should blame yourself for everything.

Obviously, so many times, you’re going to do your best. You’re going to do everything right. And still, the outcome will not be what you expected. Simply beating herself over, it will not help you. But taking full ownership gives a sign to your brain that says, “You signal to your brain, you’re telling your brain that well, I am the creator. I’m the producer. I am the person who made this.” And if you can make this happen even though it’s not a net positive outcome, it’s not what you actually want it. Maybe you can change your behavior, maybe you can try again and make a more positive behavior.

So the more responsibility that you tend to take, the more ownership to take over your actions, over your behaviors, over your emotions, over your outcomes, the more positive you’ll become and the more success you attract. So maybe now is a great time to take a note on those five things and choose one. Choose one thing, that you’ll actually start doing, start implementing, start using today. 

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