Our laptop, tablet and almighty smartphone are amazing tools that can help us create amazing things at an amazing speed.

But, with the opportunities there are challenges and in this video I’ll give you my best tips to be more digitally productive.

Digital Productivity tip #1 – Zero notifications

Let’s start with the most important thing of all – TURN OFF EVERY SINGLE NOTIFICATION POSSIBLE.

I personally only keep voice notifications for calls, and the people closest to me know that if they truly need something urgent they can call.

You want to use your devices proactively and not constantly react to them, you got them to serve you so make sure you don’t become a servant for them.

I personally also keep silent notifications to text messages on whatsapp and SMS – but that’s it. No emails, no social media, no news. When I want to consume something I will proactively do it.

No beep beep for me and not even red, OCD producing, numbered for stress dots on apps – nada.

This might very well be the most difficult for so many people because of the fear of missing out – but, its also the most lifechaing thing you can do with technology.

By the way learning to resist the psychological urge to answer every single call is also an amazing key – if its truly urgent they will usually call again. Otherwise you can write it down and call them back later.

Digital Productivity tip #2 – Organized home screen

The second thing is keeping your home screens organized and focused.

Put as few apps as possible on your home screen, especially the more addictive ones. I only have my phone app, browser, camera app, whatsapp and SMS on my home screen – that and my schedule.

It’s also true for your tablet or laptop – put as few of the things that distract you on the desktop, put all these documents away – keep your workspace clutter-free.

this by the way also applies to your desk, you know the wooden or plastic thing that you put your laptop on? But that’s for another video.

So after we discussed what we should get rid of, let’s discuss the positives.

Digital Productivity tip #3 – Personal Assistant

One of the greatest functions your phone has is the reminders.

I use a daily reminder to write down things I’m grateful for, for example.

Let your phone be your personal secretary, not the annoying one with all sorts of unimportant questions, the amazing one who quietly reminds you to do the things that are most important for you.

Digital Productivity tip #4 – productively use social media

Second thing is understanding how social media feeds work, this includes instagram, facebook, youtube and almost everything else.

These apps want you to stay on for as long as possible, so they can show you as many ads as possible so they can take as much money as possible from businesses.

So they will simply show you what they believe you will like to see.

How would they know? Well, they know what you spend time watching and they know what you like or comment on.

So if you want to get more positive, helpful, practical or productive content, simply purposefully watch some of it, like a bunch of videos or texts, comment and so on, and soon enough you’ll see your feed is changing.

You can control it and decide to see more positive and productive content.

Digital Productivity tip #5 – group chats

Last tip for today, that is an amazing productivity boost is to get at least one digital celebration group chat!

That means you have a group chat with a few people, and everytime someone does something productive he shares the success and everybody else compliments and celebrates with him.

Of Course you should make sure you do not watch this group every 3 seconds, but it will for sure get you in the right mood and will help you develop one of the most productive skills there are – celebrating success.

Your tips?

Do you have digital productivity tips you would want to share? I would love to read about it in the comments!