I’m all for people starting their own business, I’ve done it myself more than once and I have no regrets. However, you should consider these reasons before you start your first business – so you wont be suprised.

Don’t Start a Business Reason #1: Loneliness

I’m not just talking about starting out when it’s usually just you by yourself, It’s also about when you have a team and they are all “working for you” and you are the only one who is truly working for them.

They don’t know how it feels when you are not sure how you will pay the bills, they will never truly understand.

It’s just like reading about doing a pull up is nice, seeing someone else doing one is another story, and actually pulling yourself up is a different experience.

Don’t Start a Business Reason #2: You get Paid Last

I Love ecourses and I love seminars and I’ve heard the “pay yourself first” mantra a million times, but when you have an employee to pay and money is running low, the paycheck you will put off for later will always be your own.

Statistics show that 85% of small business owners would have made more money if they would get a job  in that same position and profession.

The rewards for being in the top 10% are awesome – but it requires mental toughness to get there.

Don’t Start a Business Reason #3: So much Crap

you will always have to deal with huge amounts of crap that no one else wants to deal with – and it’s always your responsibility to deal with it.

When you are the last line, usually only the crappiest things get through – enjoy.

Don’t Start a Business Reason #4: Passion

Reason number 4 – a major part of your work will always be things that are around what you truly want to do.

Be it logistics, management, finances, sales or marketing, every business owner has the issues he dislikes – and he usually has to at least have a certain level of engagement with them all.

The time you will be able to truly put into the art you truly like – will be limited.

Starting a new business is incredibly impacting the community or even the world – but it requires mental toughness.

Don’t Start a Business Reason #5: everything steals your money

Having a power shutdown and no one can work – you are still paying your employees for their time. The Internet connection is slow? Phone lines are unstable? Everybody works at 50% you are still paying 100%

Water spills on a laptop? you should fix it. A door handle moves? It costs money… a smartphone gets slow? Here is another expense.

Don’t Start a Business Reason #6: the price of ignorance

things you do not know and are not aware of are going to cost you and the price will be high.

Do not know exactly every legal aspect about hiring? It will cost you…

You think a lawyer will save you? Sometimes – sometimes you will still make mistakes…

An employee promised something absurd to a customer? Who is going to pay for it?

I’m really not willing to make this list any longer – but it’s long, trust me…

Don’t Start a Business Reason #7: Jealousy

When you’ll start seeing amazing results, and I wish you to get there as soon as possible, people will envy your results.

Lets face it, most of them would never pay 10% of the prices you paid to get where you got, but now, they will think you are lucky or make you 1 dimensional.

With the result academy which is the school of NLP I started for example – after a few years it grew and became the biggest school for NLP in the country – I invested hundreds of thousands in making the courses and the course materials as perfect as possible. I spend more money on the logistics to make sure people have the best learning experience then all other schools for NLP together – and now other teachers with courses they simply wrote out of their heads and course materials they wrote 10 years ago and didn’t touch science are saying it works because I’m a good marketer and people, my students, do not appreciate quality.

It requires mental toughness – but you can really do good!

Don’t Start a Business Reason #8: Negative Feedback

The more people you work with the more complaints you’ll get. Business owners who tell me they have 100% satisfied customers are always people who serve just a few customers.

Some people will not be happy with what you do and it doesn’t matter how good you are at doing it.

Even if you have 99% satisfaction and happy customers,  if you are working with 500 people a day you will have 5 pissed off people every single day.

Don’t Start a Business Reason #9: Battle Scars

People will trick you, steal from you, do stuff behind your back and these are sometimes going to be the people you invested your heart and soul with.

I am sorry about it, but we have to move on.

Be tough, do good, it hurts from time to time but you can do it.

Last reason!

Don’t Start a Business Reason #10: Appriciation

Many people will not appreciate anything you are doing because they will always assume there is a hidden agenda and that you are doing even the best things just to get more money.

The thing is that these 10 reasons could very well be 10 reasons not to start a business at all, or the ten reasons why building a business is the best place for personal and spiritual growth.

You can create an amazing impact and make your dreams come true,

Make sure to stay loving, caring and kind,

But do not forget to also be tough.