Today we’re going to discuss the most common fear. People, in general and business owners, in particular have that fear of failure. And today, I’m going to give you four tools that will help you remove this annoying fear away from your life. Let’s go.

So fear of failure besides it being the most common type of fear is a major barrier and major block for most people from achieving what they truly desire from creating the business they actually want to create, from hiring the right people they actually want to hire, from selling the products or services they actually want to sell to promote themselves and their business into the positions they actually want to be. People are so afraid to fail that they’re actually failing to begin with because they’re not even trying. And so today, I’m going to give you four tools, four tips that will help you go over this fear and go directly to your goals and dreams because you deserve it. You deserve to have it. 

Never stop trying

So tool number one or tip number one is actually realizing [and] embedding in your mind that you never fail until it’s over. What does it mean until it’s over? I’ll explain it later. But first, you have to understand why I’m saying what I’m saying.

What I’m saying is very simple. So many times people fail and fail and fail and fail, they are trying something and it doesn’t really work until one day, they’re doing something and all of a sudden everything clicks and it works amazingly and their business succeeds and their life succeeds and everything works like magic. And people say they’re so lucky. It’s not luck. It’s all about all the actions they made before. Sometimes they gather skills, sometimes they gather experience or knowledge from all those so called failures. Other times, it’s simply like, in order to get to a specific place, you need to create some massive amounts of action. And it doesn’t really matter what it is. And if you’re making this action again and again and again and again and again and again, in the end, something is going to work. So many times, if they would make this successful move, when they just started, it wouldn’t actually be a success. 

So understanding that, in order to get to success, you have to go through some types of actions [and] some types of experiences, then you have to understand, please understand that you never fail. You only fail when you stop. You only fail when you decide like “It’s the end, I’m not going to do anything.” By the way, even if you change your goals [or] even if you change your dreams, sometimes your old dreams, your old failures from different dreams, from different goals will actually serve you.

For example, when I was very young, I learned computer science and I learned how to do computer programming and then when I skipped it and started studying psychology, I thought to myself, “What a waste of time! I’m not going to do anything with it.” But when I grew my business so many times over the years, my understanding of technology, my understanding of computer programming helped me to grow this business, to make it more successful and to beat my competitors because they had no access to this area. And it was a major advantage for me. So many times, things that we think were failures are actually becoming success or parts of our success in the future. So that’s rule number one or tip number one. 

Start from small step

Tip number two is doing one little step at a time. So many of the big success stories in life have started with very simple steps when you are optimistic. If you’re a business owner, if you start a business, you’re optimistic, you’re self confident, you’re an amazing person who wants to achieve great things. Otherwise, you would simply go work at a normal job. This is why you started your business. So if you’re optimistic or self confident and all those things, then one of the things that might stop you is that you have such big goals, such big dreams and you can’t see and you can’t understand, you can’t plan how to get there. And I’m not saying you should think small nor I’m not saying you should limit your goals or limit your dreams, all I’m saying is you can break it down to very, very, very small steps.

When you’re taking the first small step, you’re becoming more confident. When you’re taking the second more step you’re getting more confident. And so on and so forth. When you’re taking very small steps in the beginning, you’re going to gather so much more confidence. [And] it will help you in a major way to get to your big goals and big dreams and big ambitions. 

Be with supportive circle

Tool number three is surrounding yourself with positive support but also with specific people that do not laugh at people who fail. People who admire courage more than they admire success. So many people around us, they want to see people succeed. And when they succeed, they think they’re the best thing in life. And when they fail, they laugh at them. Find people and hang out with people who first believe in you, then they support you.

They actually have the belief that you can make it but also that they not only believe that you can make it and when you don’t make it they laugh at it, they actually support you and believe that courage is the most important thing. It’s way more important than success. And they understand, they support the way you’re making even when you fail. So that’s very, very important. Supportive environment is tool number three.

Don’t struck and keep moving forward

Tool number four is realizing that the ultimate failure is not trying. The ultimate failure is being stuck. The ultimate failure is being too afraid to move forward. If you’re too afraid to move forward then you are a failure. Then it’s a failure. If you’re moving forward, if you’re doing stuff, if you’re doing something, if you’re trying, then by definition, you’re making some progress. Maybe not in the direction you want, but you can fix it later. Remember, not trying [or] stopping because of fear, this is failure. If you’re going on, you’re not a failure. And it’s never a failure until you get to them. Do those four steps and you’re going to kick the butt of every single little piece of fear of failure in your mind and in your body. 

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