Are you feeling lucky today or maybe you want to become a more lucky person? Let’s go. 

So one of the most common excuses I hear from business owners is the reason why am I in business not succeeding the way I want it to be that they’re feeling like they’re unlucky? Have you ever noticed that some people appear to be way luckier than others? Have you seen someone like this person who suddenly had this opportunity offered to him in his business to grow him by 200% or 3000%. Sometimes some people seem to get this one client who refers tons of work to them or other things that simply seem to happen in their business and give them such a huge leap that other people will take years to accomplish. 

Today, we’re not going to discuss pure luck but we’re going to discuss three ways (practical ways) in which you, me or anyone else can use to become, to attract, to pull more luck into our everyday life into our business. 

Develop a skill

The first way each and everyone can do is simply work on ourselves and our skills. The more skillful a person is, the more opportunities he can see. Imagine a chef walking through the aisles of a supermarket. He can see all the ingredients and imagine to himself such a huge variety of opportunities of amazing dishes with wonderful flavors that the normal person simply cannot and it’s exactly the same thing in business.

If you’re an amazing salesperson, for example, you will see opportunities other people cannot for upselling people, for creating better relationships with people, for maybe creating more referrals than other people. If you’re an amazing marketer maybe you’ll be able to notice new platforms, you’ll be able to notice new things, you’ll be able to approach new target audiences. For example, just a few weeks ago, I listened to a podcast in a relatively new application and I tried to look at what’s going on there. And then I suddenly heard that there’s an audio commercial just like in the old radio. And I thought to myself maybe I can create a marketing plan for this specific platform because it’s very new.

I couldn’t hear anything special about other commercials. I get it there is not a lot of competition there, maybe marketing there is very, very cheap and this is exactly the way it turned out to be. If you’re an amazing HR person, if you’re an amazing product manager, if you’re amazing skillful in anything you can see opportunities other people simply cannot. 

Surround yourselves with opportunities

The second thing each and every one of us can do to create much more luck in our life, to attract more life into our life and our business is to surround ourselves with luck producing people and luck producing environments. If I’m a business owner but I’m sitting all day long in my office with closed doors, the chances I’ll get a huge amount of opportunities getting in is very, very slim. If I meet different business people, if I go to seminars, if I go to events, if I’ll open my doors and get some meetings in, if I do something to engage with people in online platforms or whatever, suddenly, more and more and more opportunities will come flowing to me. If I publish my content, if I publish stuff I’m doing, if I publish my opinions people with similar opinions, similar values, similar beliefs, will start contacting me and offering me opportunities and then I’ll be able to be [Inaudible 03:30] picks the right one for me. 

Never give up

And this third thing, each and every one of us can do, when opportunities are presented to us is actually going ahead and giving 100%. I see so many times that people are deciding that something is an opportunity and they’re going for it but they’re only going up to a certain point then they’re quitting. So they’re feeling like they’re unlucky. They’re trying and failing and trying and failing and trying and failing and they’ll tell themselves, I’m so unlucky, everything I’m trying is failing. Even though each and every one of the opportunities they actually went after could be a success, could actually bring them a huge leap forward in their business but because they didn’t stay long enough, because they didn’t persist, because there were rounding corners or they didn’t did anything they can do to actually make it happen, suddenly, something that could feel like being incredibly lucky make them feel incredibly unlucky. So make sure you’re working on yourself, working on surroundings and when you’re taking an opportunity go all in and I’ll see you in the next video. 

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