Today we are going over 6 habits that incredibly successful people have, and that in my opinion you should have for yourself too!

When i say successful people I don’t just mean people who make a lot of money, I mean people who achieved their goals both in what they physically created, like money, companies, goals and so on.

But also are truly successful in the sense that they are happy and fulfilled! These two pillars of success, the material and the emotional, as i’m sure you have experienced don’t always go together

BUT when pursued in the right way they compliment each other, this is a state where your success makes you happy and your happiness supports your success!

Habit #1: Complementing yourself

The first habit i believe you should develop if you haven’t already of course is the habit of complimenting yourself! Yeah, you’ve heard me right complimenting yourself! We all like getting compliments and there is no reason for us to depend on others to get them!

Some people are feeling uncomfortable receiving compliments and i get that, i had that stupid issue, but just like any habit you can change it, it doesn’t make you any more humble when you are looking down and said “its nothing”, and you do not need to and shouldn’t be the jerk who answers “I know”, start with looking them back in the eye and simply say “thank you!”.

Others say: “but gal, my confidence so amazing, i don’t need no compliments to feel good”

And my answer to that is “great! But you wont fool me to believe you don’t secretly like it!”

You can be modest and humble while being aware to your strengths and overall total awesomeness!

Habit #2: Focus

Habit number 2 will take us to a totally different direction, but don’t you think that these things do not relate, they will all make you feel beyond better and do beyond better!

Obviously if you, for now, still do not see the value of developing one of these habits, you don’t have to, start with focusing on those you do!

And thats habit number 2, focus on what is possible, on what is effective, on finding the opportunity in any given situation without wasting your time and energy on the things that you cannot change or cannot help you get to your goals!

Habit #3: Exercise!

The third habit truly successful people have and that in my opinion you should develop too is to regularly move your #$%, yeah, you’ve heard me right – work out, exercise.

When you daily face your physical limitations and overcome them, and push through them, other everyday challenges become less intimidating!

It doesn’t matter if its lifting weights, running, swimming, or playing tennis – if you push yourself to your physical limits on a daily basis you will get beyond better! A few months ago I started to incorporate climbing to my weekly exercise routine, Im just a begginer in this field and i can do nothing special, but the fact that it requires me to push through my limits is everything!

Habit #4: Hydrate!

The forth habit that in my opinion, if you are a person on earth you defiantly should develop is drinking water! I’ll start with the fact that drinking water might very well be the healthiest thing you can do for your body. You want to lose fat? Start with water! You want to build muscle? Start with water! You are feeling tiered? Start with water! You want to have more beautiful skin? You know, start with water!

But besides the huge health benefits of water, drinking water does something that in my opinion is just as important. Drinking water continuously throughout the day makes you take short times to take care of the most important thing in the world – you!

It’s like the healthy version of people taking a smoking break!

Habit #5: Morning routine!

The fifth habit is actually the series of habits you do when you wake up, thats a well discussed subject called morning routines. You can easily search the internet for things that you should consider doing in your morning routine!

But i’ve recently uploaded a video about how to actually make sure that you stick to this morning routine and actually do it everyday it has some psychological insights and some simple advice that simply works!

Habit #6: Balance

The last but definitely not least, the sixth habit you should develop and that truly successful people will never abandon is maintaining high level of balance between everything thats important in your life.

Maybe ten or twenty years ago there was a trend to talk about something called work-life balance. This trend, like many others sky-rocked and more or less died.

In my opinion the reason that this subject, which is so important, decreased in popularity is because the level of the conversation was just way too low! Obviously some people did amazing things but on an overall level even the name they gave it is stupid in my opinion.

First of all, work is part of your life not something separated, and generally speaking, people who are more intelligent, who like learning and improving different areas of their life actually surprisingly want to enjoy their work and make it a major part of their life.

And on the other side, what is life? It’s such a broad term, how the hell are you supposed to balance it? In my opinion every single person in the world should have a serious conversation with himself, maybe with help or maybe alone, about what are the things that are the most important for him – than the art is to balance all of these things.

Its less, work-life balance, and more, work, dreams, health, relationships, family, hobbies, money, friends, development – balance.

Its not simple, and its an habit because it takes constant action to maintain this balance, but the truth is that until you do balance this thing called your life, unexpected shitty things will always happen because we cannot focus on everything all the time.