Today we’re going to discuss the number one most important tip regarding hiring and training new people into your organization. Let’s go. 

Build a team

So one of the most important keys to having a successful business is building a strong, powerful, focused and committed team.

A skilled team that can actually deliver the work. If your team is powerful, if your team is committed your business is so much more likely to succeed. And even more than that you are more likely to have an empty mind, a clear mind and you’ll be able to focus on growing your business. If your team is not amazing, not so great, or if simply the people are not the right fit for the jobs, what’s going to happen is that all this headache is going to come back rushing straight into your little beautiful, but still terrified face. What’s going to happen is that so much trouble is going to end up on your plate instead of them taking care of it. 

Decide to hire only “Superstars”

So I’m going to give you one tip that will help you build this strong, amazing team for your company, for your business, for your organization. And there’s a lot to say about it, a lot of say about how to interview people, how to test them [Inaudible 01:16] for the interview, how to [Inaudible 01:18] interview out to teach them everything they need to know about their jobs. 

But today, I’m going to give you one simple tip that you can easily implement. It’s more of a decision than an actual tool or a skill. And it’s a decision. If you are going to make this decision today, what’s going to happen is that you’re going to make your business so much more successful. And the tip is and the decision is the following. 

I am deciding today that from today to the rest of my business life, I’m only going to hire superstars. I’m not going to hire people just because I’m stressed, just because I really need to find someone, just because this person might be a good fit. I only hire people if I’m certain, if I believe strongly, firmly that this person can be a superstar in this specific role. If I believe that this person can be a superstar in a specific role, I will still make mistakes.

Most business owners are not professional hirers. Most of us are good at our profession or good at sales or marketing or good at something most of us are not. We’ve never been trained in hiring. So we are going to make mistakes. Actually, even expert HR people are making mistakes in hiring the wrong people. 

So at least make sure you have this extra gabs, extra safety that you’re only hiring superstars, only hiring people who have this extra quality, that you believe that they can be superstar material in your business. If you find out by the way in one, two or three months that they are actually not superstars, the easiest thing to do is to say to yourself well they’re not a superstar, but they’re okay. Let’s give them another chance. Let them do the job and what you’re not realizing is that you’re not only just paying them salaries for doing a crappy job, you’re actually losing so much more money because you could have had a person in this position that will do a much better job. You’re losing money for the satisfied customers, for marketing campaigns they’re not going as and you’re losing a lot of money you’re not even aware of. 

So make sure that if someone is not a superstar, you let him go and you find yourself a superstar for your business because your business deserves it. You deserve having a superstar team and all you need to do is simply make a decision that you are only going to hire superstars. Of course you don’t doesn’t mean you have to be short or that you do have to be like you have no patience for other people. If this superstar person has a hard time, he needs help, he has some personal issues, of course, you can be patient, you can help him, you can give them a lot of slack, but only if they are superstars. Make this decision today and be an amazing business owner in an amazing position tomorrow and later and I’ll see you in the next video. 

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