Everybody is talking about moving on line for almost a decade. And now with the Coronavirus, everybody is even talking about it so much more. And today we’re going to discuss the question, should you go online or stay offline because of the Coronavirus? Let’s go.

Go online

So thanks for the Coronavirus, everybody’s talking about going online. Well, if they didn’t talk about it for a decade already, now they’re starting to talk about it. And I want to share with you my personal opinion and how you can take a huge opportunity out of this Coronavirus situation, if you are going to use this online offline opportunity that I’m going to show you today. 

Well, what’s going to happen right now, has already happened during the last decade, and is that more and more people are using more and more services and spending more and more time online. And this crisis is going to even accelerate this idea. They are going to even accelerate the progression we’re already in regarding moving to our online things. But what’s also happening during this entire decade and especially in the last couple of years is that people want to have the offline experience.

People want to feel things with their hands. People want to see people face to face. And as the more people go online and the more time they spend online and the more services they buy online, they feel even more the need to have this offline experience. And this is the reason so many people are still buying paper books, because they want to have the experience. This is why people are still going to offline classes and courses even though they’re more expensive, because they want to have the experience. This is why so many people are waiting for restaurants and bars and stuff like that, because they want to have the experience. 

Online vs offline business

So if your business is mainly online or mainly offline, it doesn’t even matter. What you can do today to [Inaudible 02:03] a huge opportunity, that is great – thanks to Coronavirus – is to overtake the online to embrace, to enhance, to make it a more powerful foundation for your offline or future offline experiences. If you have only an online business, maybe you don’t even feel this Coronavirus so much. But if you have offline business, you’re feeling it so bad.

People overall don’t want to go out of their houses. People are panicked. If you think to yourself and so many people are trying to sell you this idea and I know that there’s the selling this idea, make your product online, make your product online, make your product online. Maybe it is true. Maybe if you could make your product online, maybe it’s a good idea. But huge companies are building amazing online products. And even though it’s possible to create a great online product, you should probably strive to make every single thing you can to give as much value as you possibly can for your potential customers, for your community, for your already existing customers online for free or for as little as possible. Just give, give, give, give, give online. Make them associate with you.

Use this time to build digital leverage. And use this leverage so that as soon as the Coronavirus issue is disappearing, as soon as all the crisis is gone and it will be gone. It might take weeks or months. But it will be gone. The market will crash but it also will correct itself. 

Well, as soon as everything is back to normal, you can use it to create offline experiences. And if you will use the online leverage, the digital leverage, you will create right now, today, in this time, to give as much as possible. Give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, give, then when it’s time that everything is back to normal, people will feel also more financially okay, everything will be back to normal, then they will want this offline experience. Start planning. If you are a solely digital business, start planning your offline strategy. Start planning your offline experiences right now. So when the Coronavirus issue is gone, you’ll be able to move fast into this world.

And in this world, you might have a huge advantage over huge digital companies that don’t know how to do it. And they’re too bureaucratic to move fast. If you’re a small business, you can move fast. You can move fast and win big companies when it comes to local offline things. 

So you can do it, take over this huge opportunity and simply use this time to give online. People will remember it for you. People will remember that when it was a time of crisis and you could take advantage of them and sell them some online stuff, you gave it to them for a very low price or for free. And you gave them so much value that now when the process is over and everything is back to normal and they want to have an offline experience, they’ll want to have it with you. 

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