The idea behind limiting beliefs is not whether they are true or false but rather whether they serve you or hold you back!

If you think about a certain way and it helps you achieve your goals, be more happy and productive – keep it in!

But if it makes you stressed, if it makes you scared, if it makes you procrastinate or give up on your dreams, if it makes your relationships worse – you should probably change it.

I mean, you could keep it too, but I think you would prefer changing it, that’s why you are here isnt it?

So the problem is, that while it’s incredibly easy, once you understand the idea of limiting beliefs to identify them in other people. But it’s harder when it’s your limiting beliefs – why? 

Well because you think its the truth – we all do.

So how can you identify and possibly even loosen these beliefs yourself?
(right before we crush them together yeah?)

I have a few tips for you:

Tip #1

Watch out for the phrases: I must, Ive got to, I can not, everybody, nobody, never, always, impossible – when saying these words make you feel worse and drain energy away from you, you can be certain that there is a limiting belief.

Sentences like
“I must smoke this cigarette”

“I cannot quit my job”
“Everybody is selfish”
“Nobody is trustworthy”
“Its impossible to start a business”
“I always fail at this”

And so on!

So it’s an easy way to finding limiting beliefs!

Tip #2

Identify things you systematically procrastinate, most people procrastinate some things sometimes, if you tend to procrastinate some sort of things all the time or many times – it’s almost always a limiting belief you have about that issue.

If you always procrastinate artistic work, maybe you have a limiting belief of this work not being good enough.

If you always procrastinate studying maybe you have a limiting belief about it being hard, you being bad at it, or it stealing away your freedom.

If you tend to procrastinate meetings and calling your relatives maybe you have some limiting beliefs about them.

I worked with someone like 6 years ago, he was divorced and would always procrastinate spending time with his children, which was absurd because he LOVED them, and trust me he did, I have a very sensitive bullshit detector.

When we talked about it it was suddenly clear that he had a limiting belief that to be a good father he had to take his children to places that would cost a lot of money, and he was completely broke, his limiting belief was that if he took them to the park it means they would think he is cheap, or a bad father and would not want to spend time with him.

Of course, it was not logical and he wasn’t even aware of this though the process he learned growing up from his parents.

When we broke this limiting belief he revived the relationship with his daughter after almost 15 years he did not meet her.

I’ve made a video a few days ago about procrastination also discussing this subject, the video will be listed and linked in the description and also up here.

Tip #3

If you tend to get yourself into the same sort of problems over and over again – there probably is a limiting belief there too.

Once you identify your limiting belief you can logically break it or emotionally break it.

Logically breaking it is based on understanding its false.

Emotionally breaking it is based on feeling the effects of the limiting belief so that you will automatically want to disassociate yourself from it.

You can totally do it yourself or

I have audio + pdf exercise about breaking limiting beliefs, it’s free – it does take a few minutes so if you have them now – perfectGET IT HERE.

If you don’t be sure to download it now, it’s free, and put a reminder on your phone to a later time – so that you will be sure you will do it.