Marketing is so important. And so many times business owners are doing 90% of their marketing just right, just to mess up the 10% and get lousy results.

Today, we’re going to cover the four questions your marketing campaign must answer in order for it to be effective. Let’s go.

Your marketing campaign doesn’t only have to be appealing, doesn’t only have to be attractive, your offer doesn’t only have to be amazing, your product or your service doesn’t have to be great, all of those things are not enough, if your marketing message, if your marketing campaign are not answering in the campaign those four questions. 

Plan A Marketing Campaign

Why is this even a problem? | First Question

The first question your marketing campaign has to answer is why is this even a problem?

Well, every single service, every single product, every single thing that people are spending money over, they’re spending money not not to buy it, they’re spending money to fix a problem, to solve a problem. If it’s a car mechanic and they want to fix something like the problem in their car. If it’s a dentist, they want to fix their teeth. But when they’re buying shoes, for example, they want to fix the problem.

Maybe it’s a practical problem. Maybe their boots are ruined and they need boots for work. And maybe they simply don’t feel so good. And they feel a bit lousy and they don’t know what to do with themselves. And they’re buying the shoes in order to fix this emotional issue.

So it doesn’t really matter if they’re fixing an emotional problem or if they’re fixing a practical problem, people are buying stuff to fix problems. And you have to answer in your campaign why this problem that you are going to actually fix, or you’re going to help them fix is a big problem.

Why is it important to solve it?

Let’s face it. So many of us have so many problems that we always procrastinate that we don’t ever get to solving. 

Why the product or the service you’re selling is the best way to solve this problem? | Second Question

The second question you must answer is why the product or the service you’re selling is the best way to solve this problem.

If this person has this bad feeling inside them, why is buying shoes the best product?

Why is maybe buying a vacation the best product today, maybe no one will go to the vacation. But why is it, for example, buying coaching will be the best product?

So many people assume that if there is the problem, then people will instantly buy the product. And so many people only think about their competitors as alternatives. And it’s not actually true. If you’re thinking about it, buying shoes in this example, is actually a competitor for a psychologist. Because so many people that feel this emptiness inside them, instead of going to a therapist, they’re actually going to buy shoes.

So you as a marketer, you as a CEO of the company have to figure out not only what’s your competition, but what are other alternatives people are buying in order to fix this issue.

And then when you actually really understand this, then you can answer the second important question, which is why is this product ‘the best product’ to solve the problem? 

Why should I get this product or the service from you? | Third Question

The third question is why should I get this product or the service from you?

And so many times we are so sure, we have so much certainty that we are the best, that we’re doing everything the best, but we’re not actually conveying to the customer enough information for him to understand why it is best to buy this product for us.

If you have this pair of shoes, if you have this washing machine, if you have these headphones, why should I buy your headphones and not others from another person?

If I should get therapy, why should I go to this therapist and that therapist, if it’s coaching or whatever product or service it might be?

So you have to answer or think about, why would this person buy from me? And the fact that you’re nice is nice, but it’s usually not enough. 

Why should you do it now? | Fourth Question

The fourth question your marketing campaign should definitely answer is why should you do it now?

And you should do it by using scarcity. If you have a special sale or a special offer just for a limited time, but it’s not the only way. So many times you can simply show them that if they will not fix this problem, this problem will get worse. Then the pain thing, I think, the main problem most people will not procrastinate although some will is when they have very strong pain. When you have very strong pain, you will usually go to the doctor as soon as you possibly can.

And the main reason is not just because you want to fix this pain right now, but also because you have this fear inside you that if you’re not going to fix this pain, it’s going to get so much worse. And you should probably know how to transfer this message out to put on this message in a way that will not push away your clients. But still, it’s a very important question to answer. 

4 Why’s

So if your marketing campaigns are going to answer those four questions, they are going to give you much better results. Ask yourself the four why’s and answer the four why’s in your campaign.

Why is this a problem?

Why is this product the best product to fix this problem?

Why am I the right person to buy this product from?

And why is now the best time to do it? 

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