After I did it, another micro-personality came in. Now I was feeling great. I don’t call it states anymore. I call it micro-personalities. Micro-personalities, this is how I called. It’s like when you’re talking to someone he has inside of him many, many micro-personalities. And in every single time frame, one micro-personality is in control. And some of these micro personalities are easier to influence and some are harder to influence. And some are more easy like taking some courses of action and others taking other courses of action. 

For example, last week, Wednesday or maybe it was Tuesday. It was Tuesday. I was sitting in my living room like 10 o’clock in the evening and I was sitting in a crappy state. I had a long day. It was a good day. But now I know one thing, I have to text my personal coach (my life coach) about my goals for last week and what [Inaudible 01:38] did with them and my goals for next week. And I knew that one of my goals for last week they have to report on was publishing and telling people or inviting people to this workshop. And I didn’t want to do it. And I liked looking at it. And suddenly the micro-personality that got in charge was my weak low self-esteem, crappy micro-personality.

So I was sitting like this on the couch. And I was like typing 300 letters of a text message to my personal coach telling her why I logically deduced that postponing this workshop was the right thing to do. And it’s not a matter of fear or procrastination. And right before I like press send, I told Leah, my wife, she was sitting right next to me. I’m not going to do the workshop on Wednesday. Why in this voice? Because this is the voice of this micro-personality.

Positive side of Micro-personalities

The positive side of this crappy personality is that it takes orders. So Leah was telling me, “No, you’re not. You are doing it.” And I was like, “Okay. Deleting everything.” Dang it and do it. After I did it. Another micro personality came in. Now I was feeling great. I was texting a different message to my life coach. I was telling her, “I wanted to procrastinate it. But I didn’t. [Inaudible 03:37] Hooray.” And we celebrated it. We celebrated the idea of me not procrastinating it, simply doing it. 

One personality wants to avoid pain and the other personality understands the opportunity. So when we’re discussing state and another way to discuss it, is to consider people in different states, especially people who are very emotional like they tend to experience high levels of emotions as truly different identities. This is the reason that, for example, a person that’s really upset or angry, can say things that he doesn’t really mean. But if you know like, for example, body language signals like detecting lies and you look at him, he’s telling the truth. When someone is angry (is pissed off) and he’s saying mean things. He’s not lying. He is telling the truth. The thing is, it’s the truth that this micro-personality believes in and it doesn’t mean like the 99,000 other micro-personalities in this person’s mind believe in this truth.

So it’s a very powerful idea to understand that our state is like a micro-personalities also on ourselves and also on other people. This way we understand it. First of all, it removes the need of cheating in relationships because you understand you have like 9900 wives. So we don’t need any more. It’s more than enough. You have to maintain all of this. It’s crazy already. You can have like threesomes and foursomes and whatever you want only with your wife. It’s crazy enough. But also you can understand that in different timeframes you actually do have a different wife. You have a different husband. You have a different kid. And just like you don’t try to communicate the same way with every single one of your children because you understand your children are different. This one child is in fact few different children and in different states he needs to be communicated in a different way.