Every successful or truly happy person I know has an amazing morning routine. Today we are going over the 3 steps anyone can take to create a beyond better morning routine!

Morning routines are a subject that many people talk about but i am sure that whether it is the first time you hear about them or you have read a dozen books – you will get a new perspective that will make it easier for you to create your ultimate morning routine.

Step #1: Your Morning Routine

The first step to creating an amazing morning routine is realising you already have a morning routine! Most people think that they need to create a morning routine, and the idea of doing something new that comes with uncertainty makes them procrastinate it!

The thing is every single one of us has a morning routine, some of us snooze the alarm 3-5 times as a morning routine, walk with a grumpy face to get some coffee with cream, look at the notifications on their phone, getting stressed before heading out to work and so on, i would not say it is an amazing morning routine if you wanna be productive and happy but it is definitely a morning routine.

Even better than that, most of you must have at least one thing in your morning routine that you actually like, for example, do you brush your teeth? Or make your bed or maybe drink some water in the morning? i would say that finding at least one thing in your morning routine is crucial for the second step.

You need to understand one thing, we humans are creatures of habit, so it is hard for us to break our habits, especially our daily ones! But replacing them or adding them is much easier!

If you cannot find one thing you do every morning that you really like, then first this video is crucial for you, but to complete this step you should select your least hated part, that part you will probably be ok with changing last.

Step #2: Habit Attachment

The second step is attaching a new habit, a new positive productive and amazing thing to your morning routine, i would advise you to only choose one, even if you want to add twenty new parts, of course i want you to have them all and i trust that you can get there really fast, but it is important to first build some momentum!

It is important however to make sure the new wonderful part of your morning routine is right after the good part you identified earlier, that way you use the fact that the last habit is ×–already programmed in your mind and instead of the standard 21-40 days your habit can become a habit in just a few days.

Step #3: Repeat!

The third and last step is to repeat step number one and two, until your morning routine is perfect for you – but i do have to warn you, you should stay flexible! In different times in your life you will probably want to have different morning routines.

for example before my first born son was born my morning routine included waking up at 5 o’clock and going straight to the gym or to the pool for my morning workout. After he was born I saw that while i have no problem waking up early my amazing wife finds it though so we decided it is my job to get him out of bed and take responsibility for his morning routine.

At the beginning i tried to still wake up at 5 o’clock and train at home, but it really did not work, sometimes i would wake him up by mistake,  sometimes i he would wake up at five twenty so i would not have the time to workout at all, and i actually wasn’t really enjoying working out at home so much.

So i made a mistake i want you not to make, i tried to insist on my only morning routine even when the situation changed and i suffered. Remember morning routines, after the adaptation phase should be fun, productive and energizing not exhausting.

Now i wake up when my son wakes up, i do his morning routine first, i take some time to play with him, i take him and our dog for a walk outside so after i take him to the kindergarten i go to a coffeeshop to write new videos and only then go to the gym – and it works wonderfully for me.

Remember your job is to build your perfect morning routine not to do what someone else says is good for you.