Hello, my name is gal. And first of all, I want to thank you for allowing me the pleasure of guiding you through this amazing short, yet extremely powerful meditation that is designed to help you stay focused and centered while you are making important decisions, while you’re doing your meaningful work, especially when times are difficult, especially when emotions are roaring, and when things aren’t necessarily going your way. 

Pick a relaxing place and get comfortable

We will start by simply relaxing. Pick a point in the space in front of you. Nothing too close or too far away. Sit in a very comfortable position and easily take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Just listen to the sounds of your deep breath. Feel the air going in through the nostrils and out on your lips. If it feels comfortable for you, you can gently close your eyes. If it doesn’t, simply watch as you start to gaze and your focus starts to fade. If any thoughts come by, any images or any sound, anything about the future or the past, don’t fight it. Simply let it be. Right now you don’t have any appointments. You don’t have to take care of anything. All you have to do is listen and feel your breath going in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Breathe deeply and let the picture seem brighter, larger and closer.

As you left, some positive energy and refreshment entered your lungs, and let all the stress slowly go out of your mouth. Right now let your memory surprise you. Think of a moment, think of a time, remember a time when you were completely relaxed, when you fell in your center, when you knew everything is okay and everything is just fine. Experience it as if it’s happening right now.

What is it that you see that makes you feel so relaxed?

What is it that you hear that makes you feel so calm?

How does it feel in your body to be so calm and relaxed?

And what conversations are you making with yourself?

What are you saying to yourself to make sure that you are so calm as you take the next deep breath in, allow yourself to see the picture brighter and larger and closer. Allow the sounds to be to sound just the way you want them to sound to make you feel even better.

How lucky are we as human beings that we have the ability to breathe, that we have our life such a big, big present that we can experience right now? We will continue to travel in our memories.

Recall when you fully centered

Now, remember a time when you were completely centered, when you were into your meaningful work, when you were able to make incredibly good decisions. And allow yourself to leave this moment as if it’s happening here and now. See it as if you were there right now.

What is it that you see right now that makes you feel this way so centered, so confident?

What is it that you hear right now that makes you feel so centered, so confident?

Where is it in your body that you feel so certain and so confident and so centered right now?

And what is it that you are telling yourself right now that makes you feel so certain, so confident, so centered?

Allow yourself to enhance, to embrace this experience by taking a deep breath in. And simply letting go with a big breath out through your mouth. You have the ability to make amazing decisions. You have the ability to make incredible work. You have done it before and you know, you can do it again. The outside world cannot cage you. It cannot stop you from doing the things you want and decide you are going to do. You know deep inside the things that are right for you right now. And you know what’s needed to happen in order for you to be able to do them and accomplish them right now. 

Recalling an exciting experience

Our third and last experience will be remembering an experience you had, a time you were exploding with a feeling of positive anticipation, with a feeling of excitement, with the true knowing that you want to do it, and you are going to do it, and that you are excited towards what’s going to happen in your life.

What is it that you saw, that you see right now, that makes you feel excited, that makes you positively anticipate the close future?

What is it that you hear right now that makes you feel positively excited about what’s going to happen today? 

Remember, you have whatever it takes, all the strength that you need, is available to you right now. All the confidence you need is available for you right now. All the freedom you need is available for you right now.

You know that you have done it before and that you can do it again, that your body is your home and your emotions are under your control. They’re like an alarm system. They let you know whenever there’s something you need to notice.

But once you notice it and you truly understand that you are going to handle the situation, there is no need to let the beeping of the alarm continue any longer. You can turn it off and be focused on the solution, be focused on the things you want to achieve and create. Simply allow this excitement to start feeling every single cell of your body. 

Breathe out and be ready

Take a deep breath in. Let the excitement flow through your lungs. Breathe out and be ready. Be ready to do [it]. Be ready to be. Put a smile on your face. It might feel weird in the beginning. But put a big smile on your face. Feel yourself starting to get energized. And whenever you feel the time is right, you can open your eyes. Stretch up a little bit and go on with your day. Have a great day. Have a great week. And I’ll see you in another video on meditation.