Special Master Class
Getting Your Private Practice Up and Running
All The Details that Make a Huge Difference

Hi Gal,
I truly want to thank you for an amazing seminar.

It truly is a life changing event, I’m certain that from now on, I’ll look at things from a different perspective and carry myself in a different manner, a better way, more authentic.

Sarit Brazili, CPA

Gal is not only a great mentor,
He is not only a wonderful teacher,
but, rather, he applies what he teaches.
You are a charming person, with infinite giving,
and I have the honor to meet you.

Shimon Chaushu, Radio Broadcaster & Business Coach

Gal has the combination of high quality and making thing simple.
His explanations are easy to understand and to implement. After the course I had the confidence to create my own course and lecture.
I recommend anyone who wants to start a business to come study from Gal.
Inbal Israeli, Mindfulness and Healing Master
One of the best teachers!!
After a few courses with Gal as a teacher I can say that he is one of the most generous teachers. A highly professional lecturer who happily shares his great knowledge with his students and colleagues and is happy to see how people around him succeed and achieve their goals.
Each lecture is a fascinating experience that will open up a new possibility for you.
Shelly Ben-Shitrit, NLP Master & Teacher
Gal is a person who walks his talk.
He is a man who allows himself to fulfill his big inspiring dreams, which influence greatly on thousands of his students, like myself.
Many of us got to know Gal because of the very same dream and vision we share, and became better therapist, better humans.
Like myself, we pay it forward by guiding and supporting many more, spreading the good, healing aching hearts and souls.
I’m thankful for the journey I’ve been doing as a student of Gal
Liat Atlas, Therapist and an Entrepreneur

After the seminar I have a sense of clarity regarding what I truly want. I will take the time to practice the lessons I’ve learned and use them to make these goals into reality.

Rachel, Entrepreneur