People say that if you think money doesn’t buy happiness – you need to learn where to shop – and even though money really cannot buy true happiness It can buy some really amazing stuff.

So I’ll just say it- the top 4 things you should buy with money are: Cars, Plains, Boats and Diamonds – pffffff – you couldn’t be more far from it.

Today I’m going to tell you about the 4 best things money can buy, and why you should spend as much as you can on these 4 things.

Lets go!

When I was a kid, maybe because I was raised in a family where we had no money –  I was sure I did not want a lot of money, I hated fancy clothes and couldn’t see the value in luxury items, the truth is luxury made me feel uncomfortable.

In fact, even though I own and run a 8-figure business and invested in other successful businesses as well – my T-shirt is still a 1-figure T-shirt, my watch is a crappy samsung watch and I drive a toyota, a very comfortable, 4-wheel drive, brand new toyota – but still a toyota.

I Prefer to spend my money on these other 4 things that are, in my opinion, the best things you can buy with money. 

So from number 4 to the absolute best thing money can buy – we start with number 4/

The 4th best thing money can buy is MORE MONEY.

Well money itself might not be so amazing, but because there are 3 really amazing things money can buy, you will probably want a lot of money so using some of your money, sending it away asking it to return with its friends is a great idea.

I’m not talking about investing into retirement right now, even though it is incredibly important – it’s not the focus of this video.

Using money to learn a skill that will make you more money, buy goods you will later sell for profits, use it to promote your business in different mediums and so forth are all ways of smartly spending money to get more money.

I’ve personally spent more than 100K$ on courses and I know it paid off big because in the areas I refused to go and study I learned the hard way by making mistakes which often had cost me 10X more.

I’m not an expert at retail so I have not a lot of experience with buying goods, but businesses i bought over the years are now worth a high multiple more

And the hundreds of thousands I paid to facebook and google over the years had built my businesses and wealth probably in a more direct manner than anything else.

Of course this time I also lost a lot of money in attempts to profit, but overall, money is a great thing to buy with money.

The 3rd best thing you can buy with money is Passion project, making things you really want happen – happen.

It’s amazing if you can find a way to make your passion project profitable, then when you get double the benefit – and it also really increases the chances for its longevity.

A business can be a passion project, building something amazing can be a passion project, helping a certain community can be a passion project – most of those things can be done without money, but money has the potential to make them bigger, better and serve more people.

Generally speaking, spending money on things you truly love is a great idea – most people spend their money to impress others, well, it is what it is.

The 2nd best thing money can buy is time!

People say money can’t buy you time, that’s one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Of course it can. It cannot give you 26 hour days, or make sure you won’t die until 160, but it can help you get more time by not washing your dishes, not doing your accounting – or any other task you spend your time on doing.

It doesn’t mean you must buy all the time you can, but it does mean the price of not doing certain things decreases.

When I was 20 I used to say “I do not have time” like 20 times a day. I did realise pretty quickly that that’s a lie. You always have time for what’s most important to you – however, there are certain things that if you wont get to do them – the price will be high, not necessarily financially.

If you don’t clean your home, if you won’t deal with your laundry, if you won’t do your taxes or your legal stuff – you can get into some serious trouble – having money and using it to buy out this time can help you get all these things done without need of too much of your personal time.

Buying time is not just buying time, it’s also buying your passion (that now you’ll have more time for pursuing) and potentially buying money (that you can make in that time) – so there is the potential for that triple win!

And let’s go for the winner.

The best thing that money can buy, In my opinion at least is – Vitality – its Focus – Energy!

Energy, in my opinion, is the one thing that is even more valuable than time. Most of you have this experience where with great focus and energy you’ve done a week’s worth of work in a few hours.

It’s also true in relationships – oftentimes 2 hours of full presence and energy create a stronger bond and experience than a week of scattered attention.

So how can you buy energy?

You can invest in your body, be it the food you eat, your exercise routine, and using other methods to maintain the vitality of your body – for example I have a massage every other week to make sure all the stress from exercising daily is removed in a healthy manner – and it’s a life changer.

Other ways include buying all the previous by letting someone else do things you either hate doing or simply suck at – which will allow you to spend more time in state of flow.

Having a life coach is also a great way – I’m doing having a coaching call with my coach every 10 days for the past 18 months now – and it made a dramatic difference in my life and business.

So – Plains, cars, boats and diamonds – out.

Investing – passion projects – time and energy – In.