One of the worst possible feelings is regret – today, after working with hundreds of people personally and tens of thousands in seminars  i will share with you 10 things your magnificent self should probably stop doing – because you are worthy of so much more than bitter regret!

This list is in no particular order, and you obviously do not do all of them, but keep watching to make sure there isn’t a stealthy evil thing that will make you regret later.

behaviour you will regret #1 – toxic relationships

Number one is staying in crappy relationships and generally surrounding yourself with negative and destructive people.

The people around might very well be the single most powerful source of change in our lives, of course it’s possible to change in spite of a negative surrounding – its simply harder and it’s not like without it life is too easy.

behaviour you will regret #2 – leaving your family behind

On the other side, the second thing you will regret if you will not fix is having bad relationships or no relationships with family.

I don’t believe you should be best friends with every single person you share some DNA with, but your parents, siblings and close family – are probably the most important.

Some of you might be saying: “but! You just said that I should avoid negative and destructive people” well that’s right.

And if your family members are destructive – maybe you should spend less time with them, and it might even cause temporary issues, but i do believe it’s important to keep a good relationship with them.

Of Course if you have an amazing family – you probably want to be with them as much as possible – but if it’s super hard, maybe keeping a loving relationship from a distance is the best we can do.

I’m always saying that it’s always easier to add new people in before you kick people out.

Find more positive enthusiastic productive people like yourself to hang out with, it will be a great start!

behaviour you will regret #3 – avoiding finances

Issue number 3 is money and we have 3 issues regarding money that even the most amazing people tend to regret – so you should probably stop it now as well.

Number 3 is avoiding finances – thinking other people will do it for you, be it your father, banker, wife, husband or kids – you can totally get help with understanding and managing your finances.

However it is yours, and it will forever be your responsibility because you are the one who will pay the price if it fails and enjoy the gains if it works – get into it, understand it, and take responsibility over this issue.

behaviour you will regret #4 – buying #$%@ you don’t need

Number 4 is buying stupid stuff you dont need, they add clutter to your life, usually trying to feel some emotional need – but it never works for more than a few minutes –  and make sure you have less money for number 5.

behaviour you will regret #5 – saving money on stuff that makes you happy

Number 5 is not using your money for the things you truly want and love.

When you spend money, even really generous amounts on yourself and the things you like and care about the most – you are starting to develop a healthier relationship with money.

Money is an amazing tool for getting stuff you like, and not a tool for avoiding negative emotions as a by escaping.

People who use noey for escaping tend to be stressed over money and act stupidly with it, because that’s the nature of negative emotions  – when they strike us, we want instant relief.

Your money can be a tool that creates joy – use it.

behaviour you will regret #6 – bad health habits

Number 6 thing you will regret is if your beautiful self still holds on to nasty health habits.

Just like your money isnt your banker’s, your health isn’t your doctor’s. It is important to learn and study in the basic form of the word – how health works and develop healthy habits – and even more importantly destroy these nasty healthy habits.

behaviour you will regret #7 – procrastinating personal development

Number 7 is procrastinating stuff that has to do with your personal development, the best time for studying new stuff, for developing new skills and for deepening your self awareness – is now.

I promise you you will ask yourself why didn’t you do it sooner.

In every one of my courses or seminars there is that young person who could be 17, 21 or 14, and you can easily see the positive jealousy of the 40, 50 and 70 year olds.

behaviour you will regret #8 – trying inauthentically to impress people

Number 8, is doing stuff to impress others – we all do it, we all can do less of it.

behaviour you will regret #9 – not doing the right thing when you know what it is

Number 9 is neglecting to do the right thing, i’m not going to preach or try to tell you what is morally right and wrong, I will say however that even when there is a price to pay – when you believe something is the right thing to do it’s always worth doing and you will always regret it when you don’t.

For example, I used to love steak and burgers, I am now vegan for 7 years. It was hard at the beginning but now it’s very easy – and I know I would regret not making this change.

I’m not saying you should be vegan yourself even though you probably should, but it’s not the purpose of this video or channel – i’m just saying you should do what you believe is right even when it’s uncomfortable.

behaviour you will regret #10 – not joining our community

Number 10 thing you will absolutely regret if you will not do it instantly, right now, join our community and get emails on every new video and get invited to our special community events by sending the form down here