You started your business because you had a dream!


Freedom is the number 1 reason people leave their 9 to 5 job and start a business, even before the motivation to make more money!

But most small business owners, soon become enslaved by their business – if it gets to a certain level of success that is.

Today I’m going to share 4 tips that will help you to make sure you save yourself from your business!

Tip #1 – learn how to manage your time

most people have no idea how to manage their time so they feel super busy and stressed even when it is totally possible for them to clear 3-4 hours a day!

I know it sounds absurd, but i’ve done it with many business owners and also with some people who had nine to 5 jobs. I’ve never seen a business owner that after learning a bit about time management couldn’t free up at least 8-14 hours a week.

Many of them had much much more!

And I Filmed a 12 chapters hyper-focused training to accomplish just that, and it’s free, yeah free – here is the link

Tip #2 – Plan your Home / Personal Time

Tip number two is also about time management – and it is making sure that when you plan your work week and schedule your business related tasks, you also schedule your personal life and your desires.

Weird Idea!?

Put the date with your wife or girlfriend in your schedule, your time at the gym, and also your play time – whatever kind of play you enjoy.

It is easy to fall for the importance of a business related meetings or to do lists.

Don’t fall for it.

As a business owner you can do unlimited amounts of work, it will never be done and it will never be enough.

Make a conscious decision about how much time you want to invest in your business and how much in every other aspect of your life and act on it.

It can change over time, i used to work 16 hour work days including weekends and holidays with almost no breaks before i realised its not exactly right for me.

See, i love my work, so before my first son was born, i was still working 10 to 12 hours a day, with the rest of my time invested in sports and my wife and family.

Today I spend at least 2 hours a day as a father for 2, half the week it gets closer to 4 or 5 hours. I workout everyday, and do other things that are solely for me.

Of course, it is true, the higher levels of freedom I have today are thanks to my harder work earlier on – i will say however that it was more about learning and growing. Today I usually work 4-6 hours a day and make more money and have more impact. Of course i still have days with 12 hours of work – especially when im teaching.

Tip #3 – getting help!

When you are just starting its not always practical to get several employees and a PA. but you can use other peoples time for help in other ways.

First, you can use relatively small amounts of money to save time and potentially get better results than if you would have done it yourself. It is true for personal or business related issues.

You can have someone to help you cleaning your house, you can buy precooked meals, someone to take and return your laundry or create spreadsheets for you to better understand the financial situation of the business.

Get someone to edit videos, photos or update your website.

Some of us can even use the help of family members and friends with personal stuff, as long as you won’t over push it and as long as you will appreciate it and give these people the credit they deserve – they will usually love it.

If not, you can always pay someone. And if no one will do it? Maybe you have a new business idea just right here :)

The inability to pay for services might be one of the main reasons business people are over pressured.

Tip #4 – have rules

another tip that will help you save yourself is having certain rules for yourself that are meant to protect you.

Decide you work out at least X amount of times a week (my tip is at least 5 times!)

Decide you have at least 1 or 2 date nights or mornings with your significant other.

Decide you take some time for yourself or your friends every single week!

And make sure you follow these rules. If you will break them once every couple of months it won’t kill you – but it will keep you in check.

Remember the business is supposed to serve you,

You should not be the servant.