Today we are going over 4 skills that everyone should master, each and every one of them is essential for both short and long term success in all areas of life.

Even if you will only choose to master 1 of these skills you are going to greatly enhance your already great amazingness! If you will Take just a little bit of each one the results in your life are never going to be the same.

Skill #1: Influence!

The first skill that in my opinion every single person in this world should master is influence! Guys, communication skills are an incredibly important tool that fits into whatever plan you have for your life.

When I was young, extremely shy and insecure I thought i will be a computer programmer and so i will not have to rely on my poor people skills. But today we all know that even if you are the smartest and best at what you do, if you cannot communicate it in at least a good enough manner – your cleverness will not be translated to success, or at least to the level of success you could have got to.

Let’s not forget that most of us beyond our career actually want to have good relationships in our lives – so just like we are practicing anything we want to be good at – everyone should, in my opinion, practice their communication skills. Be it that investor, your boss, your clients, friends, family or that amazingly gorgeous person you really want to have in your life! Positive and authentic Influence people influence!

Skill #2: Resilience!

The number 2 most important skill I feel everybody should master to be beyond better is short term resilience, Because guys, no matter how amazingly awesome you are, and I am not going to tell you something you do not already know here – you are going to have bad times.

Whether it be some sort of failure you will have to face or a loved one who will hurt you, shit is going to happen!

sometimes it is just the need to work really hard at something you do not like – in order to achieve one of your most important long term goals – the ability to be resilient and push through hard times with incredible strength and power is key to success and happiness.

But it is also a skill that anyone can develop!

Skill #3: Consistency!

The third skill that i think anyone who wants to create and have a beyond better life is long term consistency and patience, because let’s face it – the most incredible things in life take time to achieve.

It does not mean we should not look for short and effective ways, and it does not mean we should not do our best to get further faster – it does mean we should be able to walk the walk, and it is even better if we can enjoy the way.  

Relationships, when you spend the time and energy can improve dramatically with time. It does not even matter if now it is great, terrible or does not even exist – it has the potential to be great.

Regarding money and career I have noticed that for my self and also for almost all the people i have worked with – in the short term our dreams and goals are a bit high and unrealistic – but in the longer term, what we once thought was impossible, will become obvious and normal for us.

Think about it I sure you have things in your life today that you once thought were impossible! That’s how great you are!

Skill #4: Learning!

The fourth and last skill which is in my opinion the most important one of all – is the ability to learn and always continue growing, no matter how great or amazing we are, we should always continue learning and growing.