You wanna do it later, but truly you really wanna do it now, Today i will show you how!


When talking about productivity, we have few major subjects but in the end of the day its all about creating a productive plan and executing it!

Sounds simple right? Well, if you are a human on earth you probably know it has more to it.

There are 2 main reasons people plan to do something today but when they get to it, they put it off for tomorrow, you know, and then the day after tomorrow…

The problem is both of these are called procrastination even though if you wanna stop procrastinating you need to take different kind of action depending on the source of your personal procrastination.

So we will simply start with procrastination type 1,


Type 1 of Procrastination

is when you truly have tons of things to do, truly have tons of things to do, and your planning skills are simply not yet in the same level as the responsibilities you took up for yourself.

In these kind of cases of self management overloads, you generally have two options, number one, drop some of these responsibilities OR number 2 improve your self management skills.

I will link to a video on self management in the description but for now ill give you 2 little tips that can totally save your beautiful @$$ from the frustration of not being able to do what you want.


TIP #1

At least make weekly plans, once a week, preferably in the first or last day of your week, sit down and decide on all the things you want to do in that week and split it by days. Tip 101: you can make Monday and Tuesday more full, but make sure you leave some blank spaces on Tuesdays and Fridays – in case you will not do everything you planned for Monday!


TIP #2

Stop thinking about time all the time! Start organizing your schedule with mood and energy in mind as well. If you feel great in the morning – do the hard stuff in the morning! If you have a chore that makes you feel like shit – maybe you don’t have to do it, but if you do, don’t plan to do some creative work right after it.


Type 2 of Procrastination

Oh oh oh it’s the truly evil one! I say it’s the evil one for 2 reasons, the first being that in all sorts of procrastination it exists.

For example, even if you are suffering from procrastination type 1, notice that you usually procrastinate certain type of stuff. Some procrastinate studying, some procrastinate work related project, some procrastinate meeting up with family or even their personal time with themselves.

Most of these people are completely productive when it comes to other things, some are amazingly productive at work while constantly procrastinating working out, for example.

The second reason i say that procrastination type 2 is evil is because its sneaky, it comes with excuses like it truly doesn’t want you to find it. But you are here, so you probably did find it – amazing job by the way!

So what is this type 2 thing, procrastination type 2 is all about fear.

You must be thinking:

What are you talking about Gal im not afraid to hit the gym – its stupid!

I say:

wait up a second, hear me out!

It’s not that you necessarily have a fear to perform the task but you might have some sort of fear of one or more of the consequences.

While some people simply procrastinate going to the gym for example, because its sweaty, hard and sometimes it hurts, which is a low degree of fear of being sweaty of challenge or pain.

Others are afraid of other consequences, for example, spending time in the gym might make other people criticize you for not working hard enough or helping enough at home. Maybe you are afraid to fail at work so you do not allow yourself any time for the things that are good for you!


Deep #$%@, i know, but it’s true.


This is the reason creative work is pushed off so often, because even though we like doing it, we have a big fear of what people will think about it.

Trust me, after working with thousands of people, only a handful of really psychological special people are not trying to avoid criticism – and most of them are doing it out of resentment – not a good place to be, trust me.


So how can we actually stop this kind of procrastination? Answer is the way we stop fear.

We can do it in two major ways,


Solution #1: Getting Used To It

Start small, do the first step, and then usually everything flows, if you will imagine skydiving, you will probably think the scariest part is being in the air before the shoot opened, but if you did it yourself or talked to someone who did – you know that the biggest fear is before you jump and straight after that it disappears.

When you procrastinate something usually the negative feelings are associated to doing the entire thing, so if you will only get yourself to start, get to the gym, write the first page, call that person and so on – many times you will start to enjoy it and do is as effectively as you know you can.


Solution #2: Developing Your Self-Confidence

I know, you are confident, but we can always improve on that. You can do it by continually facing your fears, in a video i uploaded a few days ago about the habits of successful people i also mentioned that actually exercising increases your self confidence because every time you work out you face you physical limitations and surpass them and it makes you stronger on the inside as well as on the outside.

Or you can do it by identifying your limiting beliefs and patterns and work to change those.