Today we are going to discuss the number 1 reason that people fail at managing their time and how can you slowly but surely become a time management ninja

Most people never consider time management as a thing.

Most people, like you, who want to create an amazing life and business and have already made the realisation that mastering your life requires mastering your time – fail at doing it or at least don’t get the most out of it for this one single reason.

The reason is that they are overstressing it and trying to make it prefect, or even worst trying to make it perfect by the standards of someone else.

For example, they would try to write down their schedule for the week and would only do half of what they wrote down. That makes them feel terrible and reduces their motivation to follow their schedule.

The next week they will do less and the week after that they will not plan the week at all thinking that this method doesnt work for them.

The same goes for to do lists, reminders, journals and any other tool or habit they try.

The truth is that we are all different and we are even different from our past self.

If a tool was a great fit for me two years ago – it doesnt mean it will fit me now.

And just because i tried to follow a schedule 5 times and stopped – it doesn’t mean schedules cannot work for me.

All it means is that the methods i tryed that involved a schedule only worked for me at that given time to the given extent that they worked.

In my experience both managing my own time in different times in my life, when i was a co-founder of a company and a single guy in his early twenties – when i just started my first solo business, and now owning and running 8 figure business while having 2 kids

And also teaching many people how to become more productive in their lives and work, both in courses but in this phase also managers in my team – i can tell you that even though there are absolute principles in managing time – the way of best practicing it differs drastically from person to person and from phase of life to the next.

The first principle is that time management is the art of taking control over your own life.

And by saing its an art i mean that its something that you develop yourself.

You can and probably should learn different systems from different smart and experienced people but you should always aim at creating your own way – your own art.

The second principle is that better is so much better.

If writing a schedule and following it 50% of the time makes you 10% more productive – you should celebrate it – realizing adding 10% productivity over the course of your life is a practice worth millions of dollars and tons of joy and happiness.

And if you can do something a few month later to improve it by another 10 or even 5% you are on fire!

Less judgment

Less self criticism

More cold looking at the facts.

Not asking
“Am i perfect”


“Did i do everything i planned on doing?”

“Did this practice helped me do even slightly more than i would without it?”

“Did i improve at all?”

If i did

Thats a real reason for celebration!