You want to make exercise a habit, to make it into something you do without even thinking about it, Today I will show you how!

When we talk about having a beyond better life, In my opinion one of the absolute musts is working out, you do not have to have a six pack, run a marathon or lift a ridiculous amounts of steel, which of course, if you want – go for it!

BUT i think that even if you do not want to pursue these goals it is common sense that some physical activity is required to remain healthy and energetic.

In today’s article I’m going to give you some principles and if you will follow them, working out will easily become a fun appealing habit for you. Because let’s face it, the real reason most people are not working out is because they feel like they fail at it, all rationalisations and excuses come from that feeling.

Before we go into the principals that will help you make sure working out and achieving your physical goals are a part of your weekly routine.

Principle #1: DO not Crush!

The first principal to build this amazingly important habit is “do not crush before you take off” you see, the number one mistake people make when they start to work out comes from the fact that they are extremely motivated!

yeah , most people who are not regularly working out need an incredible amount of motivation to go to the gym or to whatever other activity they are planning, simply because they are not yet used to it, and just like every thing that is new – it has its perceived challenges!

The problem is when you workout with over motivation and under fitness – you get pain. Not like the pain that is going to kill you, but exactly the kind of pain that will not allow you to work out for the next five to seven days and will make sure your motivation will fade by the time you can actually get to session number two.

Giving out effort, using motivation and willpower, doing the extra rep, the extra mile, secretly competing with others and all of that is important and it feels amazing, the thing is id say wait with that for the first few weeks. Start slow, have fun, work out calmly.

I know many fitness exerts may say i’m wrong and that it’s possible to start strong, and they might be right from a physical standpoint, but from a practical normal unfit person standpoint – it’s better to first get used to moving!

Principle #2: Have Fun!

The second principal that will make working out an incredibly simple and appealing habit  is “do something fun!”, every person is different, we know that. Every single person has just slightly different values and reference experiences – so we eat different foods, we wear different clothes but for some reason people thinks that we all need to be running or lifting weights.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against these specific activities, and for sure, for some goals these are the best methods to achieve them. But if you simply want more energy, to move your body, be healthy and burn some calories – you can try different things and see what gives you the kick!

Most places have like a free first session and even where they don’t, you can almost always ask to pay for one session and see if you like it! Up until age 21 i was doing martial arts and most of the time i worked out six days a week, not because i wanted to be fit, simply because i loved it!

For few years now i was swimming and recently i started bouldering which is some sort of climbing – but over the years i tried many things i did not truly like – the thing is you should not settle, spend the time to find something that fits you – and i’m telling you it will be easy to keep on showing up.

Principle #3: Priority!

The third and last principle that will help you keep working out is “prioritize it”, well, i know it’s easier said than done, but, i personally set my workout plan as the first thing when i plan my week.

When i sit down and make my plans to my week the first thing i schedule are my workouts, and some of them are a part of my morning routine, i’ve also made a video about creating morning routines and ill link to it in the description.

My way to prioritize my workouts is reminding my self that when im more energetic im getting more stuff done, i am happier and more productive, so for me, when i schedule my workouts its like making time to sleep – its a must, without it i feel like nothing will be as effective.

In my business i know for a fact that when im fit, i make more money, it gets easier to grow my business, i can tell you that so far all my major financial milestones were achieved when i was in top physical shape!

And with my wife and family it’s even more important, if i come home with no energy because working at the office took all my energy away – its like i rob my wife of her husband and my kid of his dad, i like that face that i have the energy to run and play with him and the energy to be passionate with her!

So be sure to start slow if you are out of shape, to find something you love and to prioritize it.